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Can y’all please go and follow him (pray—for—the—fallen.tumblr.com) bc he’s rad and i’m pretty sure you’ll like his blog!

& after following him, send me a message that you did and I will check out your blog! (i’ll be following band blogs mostly)


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Lost Children With Dirty Faces Today ♡♥♡♥♡♥
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No one really seems to care ♡♥♡♥♡♥


Omg guys today is my birthday, guess what that means!, yes that means eating until i pass out haha

guyss, go and send her birthday wishes (;

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Hi! Im a BIG fan of Green Day and the songs really help me! I almost kill myself, but Green day Help me, I know its kinda strange but its true! And this happend in september and november, so i whanna have a tatto tekst where it say: Just another September. Because thats what i think if its a bad period. What do u think? :3
thefallofthedamned answered:

They helped me a lot too (: And it’s not weird! Music is always there to help us .. anyway, I’m really happy that you were able to go through these hard times and I think it’s a great idea to get a tattoo to remind yourself how strong you were/are (:

If you ever get it done, we would love to see a photo of it! :D


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Hey, what's up? I'm from India! Isn't it awesome that Green Day fans are literally across the globe? My first album was American Idiot and I was obsessed with them back then and I still am now! They're pretty fuckin' awesome. I'm mostly a multifandom and bandom blog. I love MCR, FOB, BMTH and Blink 182 too! PS- I love your blog! You guys are the awesome! Keep it up!
thefallofthedamned answered:

I know right! Thank youuu btw!


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Welcome to my paradise! My room in 6 photos! 

Enjoy! ~ Lucie Joe 

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yo so last year when i saw green day i was right up front and there was this total dick next to me and he kept groping me and mike kept looking at him and during during murder city the guy tried to stick his hand up my skirt and mike just pointed at him and got this really angry look on his face and just shook his head and mouthed no 

and wow

thanks for looking out for me mike

Reblogging again because I love it

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Since you're doing shoutouts, could you please do one for me? I'm a Green Day blog (: