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Hello :) Whats Green Day's newest song/album?
thefallofthedamned answered:

Newest song: I dont know (?)

Newest album: ¡Tré! buut there’s an upcoming compilation album called Demolicious! It is set to be released on Record Store Day (April 19, 2014). It is a collection of 18 demos including an unreleased track recorded in 2012 for their ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! album trilogy called State of Shock.


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Sometimes my own art makes me sad

Sometimes my own art makes me sad

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If Green Day Albums Were Students
1039/Smooth: The cool senior that everyone looks up to.
Kerplunk!: The one who gets stoned in the bathroom between classes.
Dookie: The kid who pulled the senior prank and became an overnight sensation.
Insomniac: The kid who's always falling asleep in class.
Nimrod: The one who is quiet and reflective who has deep thoughts but doesn't show it.
Warning: The kid who doesn't quite fit in with the rest, the oddball.
Shenanigans: The one who really needs ADHD medication.
American Idiot: The liberal political activist handing out flyers during lunchtime.
21st Century Breakdown: The angsty rebel who gets in trouble for questioning authority.
Uno!: The life of the party
Dos!: The womanizer who sleeps with anything that breathes.
Tre!: The kid who takes the blame for everyone else.